Despedidas, Fêtes de départ, Last party : En photos, Fotografías, With pictures mardi, Juil 1 2008 

Voici le lien pour les photos de mes fêtes d’avant départ :

Aquí el vínculo para las fotografías de mis despedidas :

Here the link for the pictures of my party before I go :


Huayna Potosí 2 (6088 m) : En photos, Fotografías, With pictures mardi, Juil 1 2008 

Voici le lien pour les photos de 2e randonnée au Huayna, Potosí (6088 m) :

Aquí el vínculo para las fotografías de segunda subida al Huayna, Potosí (6088 m) :

Here the link for the pictures of second time at the Huayna, Potosí (6088 m) :

Cobija : En photos, Fotografías, With pictures mardi, Juin 17 2008 

Voici le lien pour les photos de quelques jours de fête à Cobija :

Aquí el vínculo para las fotografías algunos días de fiestas en Cobija :

Here the link for the pictures of a few party in Cobija :

Camping a la Laguna Encantada / Jach’a Huiara 5 (5108 m) : En photos, Fotografías, With pictures vendredi, Juin 6 2008 

Voici le lien pour les photos d’une fin de semaine entre ami(e)s suivi d’une petite randonnée :

Aquí el vínculo para las fotografías de una fin de semana entre amigos(as) con una pequeña caminata en montaña:

Here the link for the pictures of a camping week-end with friends and a small mountain hike:

Silluntinkara treck 2 and Cochabamba lundi, Mar 31 2008 

Last week, during Ester time, I did enjoy my week day vacation to do solo a 1,5 days trekking in the wild (in the sense that there is no one) and so beautiful region of the Yungas. It was so relaxing ‘coz after I was living for a week mission in the Beni (a department at the North of the country where road infrastructure are pretty poor) to visit all the cooperatives that we could find there. However, I’ll write soon another article on that story. So for the trekking, even if a friend of Chile was staying in my apartment for 2 weeks, I decided to go alone and enjoy a walk at my rhythm full of loneliness and coming back in peace with myself. It was great to get quiet also after losing my routine with that friend in vacation! Here are some pictures of my walk :

Also, I put you this link to see some pictures of Cochabamba when I went there in last February. Those pictures are from my Chilean friend ‘coz we were together there and since I didn’t take any pictures she passed to me :

Mountains’ stories mardi, Mar 11 2008 

It’s not ‘coz I don’t give you a lot of news that I stop my mountains’ climbing activities. Really, since carnival I had the chance to climb 4 mountains and to have a walk in the Cumbre until where begins the El Chorro’s trekking (here for more details). Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures but I can tell you that I went for a second time to climb the mountain without name (4800 m, February 9th) and that I went for my second and third time at the Quinkillosa (around 5000 m, February 10th and 23rd). Also, the third time that we went there it was funny ‘coz at the top of the mountain we had snow until the knees and were snow fighting like kids! After that, on March 2nd, I went to walk in the Cumbre where we were in a snow storm… We couldn’t see more than 30 m in front of us! And finally, last week-end I went back for my fourth time to the Jach’a Huira (5100 m) with only one of my good Bolivian friend that I clomb with since the beginning. Even if it was the fourth time at that mountain, it was different ‘coz we could go at our rhythm since we were not with inexperienced people.

Rock climbing vendredi, Mar 7 2008 

Last Saturday (March first) I had the chance and the big pleasure to go rock climbing for my first time in Bolivia. Even if I have my equipment since last December, I didn’t have the opportunity yet to go rock climbing. It was so fun and I love so much climbing (I didn’t climb for a year but before that I was doing it in a gym for 6 months twice a week) that for sure I’ll go back a few times. And now, knowing that I’m staying until July, and that Bolivia is such a wonderful country for rock climbing, I’ll receive in a few weeks all the equipment that I miss to be independent (as a rope for example). So, let’s climb and have fun!

Huayna Potosí (6088 m) : En photos, Fotografías, With pictures lundi, Jan 28 2008 

Voici les liens pour les photos du Huayna Potosí (6088 m) :

Jour 1 =

Jour 2 =


Aquí los vínculos para las fotografías del Huayna Potosí (6088 m) :

Día 1 =

Día 2 =


Here the links for the pictures from the Huayna Potosí (6088 m) :

Day 1 =

Day 2 =

Camping on the Isla del Sol (Sun Island) and Cochabamba vendredi, Jan 25 2008 

Well, I’m back to write my weekly adventures. So, on the January 11-12-13th I went back for a third time to Copabana without that time any stress or time running out. The goal was to go camping on the Isla del Sol where nobody goes to have a moment without any noise and pollution. I went with my Acadian’s friend. So, we had a really relax week-end walking around. Here is the link for the pictures:

Then last weekend, since I had a meeting on Friday, I went to Cochabamba, gastronomic capital of Bolivia. It is called like that since the principal activity of the city is eating! I didn’t do that much except walking around, seeing some friend (1 guy from there, a couple of friends from Quebec and a Chilean girl) and dancing with them (something that I didn’t do for 4 months!). I was so quiet that I even didn’t take pictures!

This week-end I’m going to go to the Alasitas, festival on the honor of a god called Ekeko and representing fertility. Also, I’m going to climb the Condoriri glaciar (5648 m) with the Mountain Guide Association from Bolivia.

I’m back mercredi, Jan 9 2008 

First, here is the links for the pictures of our vacations :

Peru, Cusco and Machu Pichu :

Pampas and Rurrenabaque :

Salar de Uyuni, Part 1 :

Salar de Uyuni, Part 2 :

Jalancha Grande (4950 m) :

Peru, Island that float of Puno :

For those that are still waiting for my Huayna Potosí’s pictures, I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait a little longer since I still have a lot of work to do on it.

Now let’s talk about our “lover’s vacations”. As I said in my last email, we really had a wonderful time together and words are missing to describe the happiness that we had together. I can’t imagine what would be life with her here. So for our vacation’s details here is a better resume than the one of my last email:

My girlfriend arrived in Cusco, Peru, on Dec. 15th where we took it really relax. Then, on the 16th we visited Cusco and left for Ollaytaytambo where we took the last train to go to Aguas Calientes (Machu Pichu). On the 17th we got up at 4h30 in the morning to get really early on the Machu Pichu site and avoid the wave of tourists that comes from Cusco later. We passed more than 5 hours on the site including climbing the Huayna Pichu Mountain. Machu Pichu is really impressive and you really have to live it to understand it. I can’t describe how beautiful it was so just go to see the pictures. Back in Cusco on the 18th, we enjoy our last day in Peru by visiting the ruins around the city including Sascahuaman and his walls built with stone that weight until 128 tons!

Back in Bolivia, we left to Rurrenabaque in the Beni’s department where we took a 3 days trip (from 20th to 22 th) in the pampas (flooded jungle). That trip was really excellent with an amazing guide and a friendly group. Also, we had chance to see alligators, anaconda, monkeys, turtles, tarantula and to swim with the river pink dolphins. When we return in Rurrenabaque, we couldn’t find place on plane to come back to La Paz, so we had to take the 18 hours bus (and we just do 360 km! witch gives you an idea how bad was the road!). Since we were in the bus, we didn’t have a Christmas meal but we had a party at one of my Bolivian’s friend for the 25th. Then the 26th, before leaving for Uyunu we had the chance to see the archaeological museum of La Paz. In Uyuni, we went 3 days in the Salar the Uyuni (salt desert) and the Eduardo Avaroa national Park (hero from the Pacific War). You must see the pictures of the Salar. It is so wonderful, a white flat space full of slat and also the desert and mountains of the park are so impressive. Another 3 memorable 3 days. Back in La Paz the 30th we relaxed before climbing on the 31 (the first 5000 m of my girlfriend). The night of the 31 was really quiet since we were leaving on the first of January to Puno, Peru, since my girlfriend’s departure was the second from Juliana (1 hour from Puno). So, on the first we had a little bit pf free time to see the islands that float on the Titicaca Lake.

There too, impressive. Then, it was the separation (the third in 5 months) that was a little bit sad but and 3 mounts I’ll be back in my beautiful country: Québec!

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