Now it’s warmer jeudi, Nov 8 2007 

Maybe it’s a little bit boring to speak about weather but after being frozen in my office for 4 months (my apartment is hotter), I’m pretty happy that Bolivia begins to get warmer. However, what means warmer weather here means also rain time. Until now we’ve been lucky (except one rain storm mixed with snow that kept me in home ‘coz a river in front of my building blocked me) but I know that it will get worst in the next weeks.


Not enough time and A few job’s stories mardi, Nov 6 2007 

Section « Boring news »

Not enough time

It is true that I haven’t written so much in these past weeks. The reason is pretty simple, I’m busier with all my Bolivian’s activities, and with principal is work but also my trekking in mountains, so I have less time to write. Also, after being here for 4 months I begin to get use to my new life and I begin to have a routine. So for these reasons I have less adventure to tell and what was so new at the beginning begins to be normal.

Section « Job’s story »

Being with Jocelyne Chagnon or How to improvise himself as translator and tourist guide

3 weeks ago had arrived Jocelyn Chagnon from the Cooperative Direction of Québec. This lady where here on her personal time but gave generously of her times to give some presentations to the principal actors of the cooperative movement in Bolivia to exchange on the Quebec’s experience and structure of the movement. So, for that “mission” I improvised myself as translator and tourist guide! Since the lady was not speaking Spanish, all her presentations needed to be translated. So, when my boss could assist at some presentation, it was I that was translating it. Interesting experience.

Then, to thanks Miss Chagnon for her time, I went with her on my work time to some interesting tourist’s sites like Tiwanaku, Titicaca Laze (Sun Island) and Coroici. So that’s why I say that I was a tourist guide for her! I that time too it was interesting ‘coz I could join work and travel!

Organizational diagnostics

Because of that mission, the last weeks were not that productive on my regular work (combine with formatting my computer), witch is the organizational diagnostic of the principal actors of the cooperative movement in Bolivia. Than, this week and probably the following one will be dedicated to this exercise. In fact, since my boss from Québec was here, I focus on this work since we would like to finish it at the end of November (an ideal). It is really interesting ‘coz I can know more about the cooperative sector especially in microfinance. Also, it is directly related with my studies.

A few interesting results

But before I concentrate on that last point, I finish my market study on oregano that I was doing since a few weeks. And what is really grateful in this work is that doing the analysis, we discover that the market of oregano in La Paz, and more generally in all the country, is really interesting for a secondary product that didn’t have any commercial value before (to give an idea of how big is the market, only in La Paz the is for more than 30 000$ of sales and this amount of money is REALLY BIG for Bolivia). So it is really motivating to see those concrete results.

Recycling and football vendredi, Sep 28 2007 

Section « Boring news »

Not that what I have to say is boring but I didn’t know in what category put it. So, I wanted to tell you that since a couple of weeks I RECYCLE!!!! By chance, walking at 3 min. from my house I discover 4 trashes well indicated Paper, Plastic, Glass and Organic. Since that time I separate at home and at the office all what I can recycle. But I have to mention that is the only place like that, that I saw since I’m in La Paz. So I don’t think that it is an initiative from the city hall. However, I’m not really sure if what I put there is really recycled. But whatever happens, I think is better trying since it doesn’t ask me that much than just throwing all at the garbage.

Section « Here comes the fun! »

Sunday 23rd September 2007, I went to my first football (soccer if you prefer) match of my life. Coming back from another trek in the mountain, I heard that it had a match o the « Clásico », with means the 2 best team of Bolivia (in fact, La Paz) so, one of the best game that I could see. And it was a really cool game. The 2 teams were good but what more interesting were the people there. Each team’s fans were on a side of the field with their shirt of the team and their bans to play song to support their team or just to insult the other team! Also, I was lucky ‘coz the team on the side where I sat won. A really cool afternoon!

Head in the clouds, bared feet in the snow vendredi, Juil 27 2007 

Thursday, July 26th 2007

It’s the head in the clouds that La Paz woke up this morning. No, I didn’t walk bared feet outside but the night reserved us a surprise this morning with this 10 cm of snow and a temperature under 0! My hat and my gloves were really useful! But, only an hour after I got up and the snow began to melt at the same rhythm of the sunrise. I guess that after avoided 5 weeks of Quebec’s winter in last February, I have it now! Just funny!

La Paz: Sous la neige – Con la nieve – With snow vendredi, Juil 27 2007 

Étant donné que je n’ai pas de caméra numérique, je dois attendre la parution du journal pour vous envoyer ces photos d’hier jeudi 26 juillet lorsque La Paz a goûté à la neige (chose extrêmement rare je dois le souligner!).

Como no tengo de camada digital, tengo que esperar el periódico para mandar a ustedes esos fotografías de ayer (jueves 26 julio) de La Paz con nieve (algo muy raro!!).

Since I don’t have a digital camera, I have to wait for the newspaper to send you these pictures of yesterday (Thursdy July 26th) of La Paz with snow (something extremely rare!!).

The beginning vendredi, Juil 20 2007 

Friday, July 6th


I arrived a week ago (Thursday, June 28th) after flying from Montreal-Cleaveland-Miami-La Paz. The travel went well except my first flyght that was cancelled (at the beginning I was supposed to do Montreal-Miami-La Paz) and a secyrity guard really rude in Miami (to freak on security in Florida I think…sorry for my American friends but you might share my opinion, no?!). La Paz (3600m) aiport is situated in the surround of El Alto at 4000m. So when I got off the plane I felt a little bit the altitud combined with the fact that I splet 3 hours in the last 30 hours that preceed my departure (I dont’ have to tell you that I was exhousted!). After a good meel and a good night of sleeping, I just had a little headhake that went off 3 days after (Saturdau, June 30th).


Since I’l be in La Paz for almost all my contract, I live in a really nice department at 5 minutes walking from my office. I see mountains from all my windows, even the Ilimani and its eternal snow and the sunshine arrives everyday in my bedroom and my kitchen… not too bad!!!! The office also is really beautiful and well situated (near the Plaza Espana and El Monticulo for those who knows).