Damned rain! lundi, Jan 28 2008 

Finally, our expedition to the Condiri (5648 m) has been cancel because of rain. This year, it’s incredible how much rain it has. Last week, the emergency state has been declared related to the death related with flood. But at least I had time to relax, go to the Alasitas and to finish some work in my pictures. Next weekend : Carnaval!


My Bolivians wishes jeudi, Déc 6 2007 

It’s not that I want to tease you but in one week (Friday December 14th) it will be for me the beginning of vacations. So in one week I’ll leave to Cuzco, Peru, where I’ll meet my girlfriend Saturday December 15th. We’ll pass together almost 3 weeks. I’m really glad. Also, since I’ll be away from my computer during that time (I’ll be really busy until that time), I’d like to send you my best wishes for Christmas and New Year. I hope everybody will pass a good time with family and friends. Take care and see you in 2008.

My girlfriend is coming jeudi, Nov 15 2007 

Since I’m staying in Bolivia until at least the end for March 2008, my girl and I decided that we needed to cut that long time without seeing us. So, she is coming to visit me during Christmas time for 18 days!!! I’m so happy! And since she will arrive at Lima, Peru (it was really cheaper and less complicated than arriving at La Paz), and than take a national plane to Cusco, I’ll join her there and we will visit a little bit this part of Peru. Than, we’ll come back together to Bolivia where we want to see the Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre, Rurrenabaque and walk a little bit in the mountain. So, I’m really excited to Christmas time this year!

Chronicle of a Quebecer in Bolivia, Vol. 2, No. 1 vendredi, Juil 20 2007 

Friday, July 6th

Hi everyone,

For those who didn’t know, I’m in Bolivia for the next 6 months to work for an international development organisation based in Quebec city. So to keep you intouch with my adventures in Bolivia, I decided to wrote those « Chronicle of a Quebecer in Bolivia ».

Here is my blog! vendredi, Juil 20 2007 

Hello my friends,

There it is! I finally got to stat it. After the advise of a friend, I decided to swith my « Chronicle of a Quebecer in Bolivia » that was on email to this Blog. To let you know the french blog title means: « Chronicle of a Blueberry traveler ». Why « Blueberry »? Because the region where I come from in Quebec, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, is well known for its blueberry production and with the time the other people of the provincebegan to name us as « Blueberry »!

So enjoy it and give me news some times!