From 14th to 17th of February I had to travel to Sucre. The reason of that was simple, people were asking for me. If you remember well (if not, just check out the blog “Job’s stories” section) a part of my job is to help some cooperatives in Chuquisaca that produces pork and chicken by doing market study. A few months ago, when I got here, those 2 productions were just beginning and it didn’t have that much information to help he in my work. However, since then situation changed and the responsible of those coop. wanted to meet me to pass me all the information that is requested to do a better job. Also, a the last minute, my boss asked me to help him by preparing a 1,5 days formation on good governance and democratic management in cooperative. That formation was part of a formation plan for AGROCENTRAL, the central of agriculture coop. in Chuquisaca. After preparing the formation I had to participate in it as a formatter. So, it was really interesting experience ‘coz I never before did this king of formation, I never did formation in Spanish and it was the first time that I was working directly with the members of coop. So, I say it again, it was really a nice experience and the people told that I was not that bad!

Also, I did enjoy that opportunity (my last one there I think) to pass another week-end in Sucre to visit what I couldn’t see yet and go visit Potosí that is at 2,5 hours from the capital city. This was my original plan, but since a damned salad in a café put me really sick on that Sunday, I just when to visit Potosí and now I hope to have another occasion to go to Sucre and finish to see what I wanted. So let’s concentrate on Potosí.

Potosí, during the Spanish colony, was for a time the biggest city of the world in term of population. Also, the legend says that the Spanish did dig so much silver from the mountain beside the city that they could build a silver bridge to Europe! So, Potosí is miner city and the highest city of the Earth (4200 m). Also, it’s a colonial city with a lot of building and church that has more than 200, 300, 400 and even 500 years old!!! Witch is bad about Potosí is that since the mining industry is down, the city is getting poorer. So I went there to gather with 2 others cooperant friend, visit with them a mine and the first place in Bolivia where they began to do the money, la Casa de Moneda. That building was impressive but what was the most impressive is the visit of a miner cooperative. That visit was not king of tour that you can describe as tourism ‘coz those king of mine are so exploited as it was in the colony that it is hard to see. The miners’ conditions of working (and we should say life ‘coz a miner can work until 16 hours a day) are terrible. For nothing I would go back there as a tourist. Not that I want to escape from that reality but more for respect for those miners that we are going to see their life. I say that ‘coz really I’m happy that I could have seen the reality of the miners that we try to help. I say tray because we are trying right now to develop some miner’s project.

So, this travel was really rich in experience and I think it will stay as one of the best on a professional and a personal way.

Here you’ll find the pictures :