Well I didn’t give you news about my work for a long time so now it’s time for some update. First, since March 29th I’m officially a consultant and I’m glad about it. But what does that change? Well, except my salary, not that much! Really, even if I have that new contract my work didn’t change. So, I’m still doing the organizational diagnostic of some organisations here. Recently I finished those of CONCOBOL (Bolivian’s Confederation of Cooperatives) and FEBOCAC (Bolivian’s Federation of Cooperatives of Credit). So, on this side I have only one more to do with a central of coop. that produce quinua. That diagnostic is really more interesting ‘coz it’s an organization more organised than the 2 firsts organisations that I was working for and it’s also closer to the base. Sadly, work doesn’t go that fast since I’m well implicated in the national diagnostic of the coop. that we are also doing (more details down in this text).

Then, what am I doing? Well, like at the beginning of my contract with the oregano, I still have 2 others market study to do for AGROCENTRAL, the coop.’s central of agriculture of the department of Chuquisaca, for 2 new projects : pork’s and chicken’s production. What I like from those market study is that there is nothing to do with what we use to learn at university (useless blab bla bla about a market). No, those studies are really connected with the ground searching to who is buying, at what price, in what quantity, with witch king of characteristics, etc. So I like this king of work and I’ll do it as soon as I finish my work with the diagnostics.

Finally, I’m implicated in the national diagnostic of coop. that we are doing. To understand that work I have to come back a little bit in the past. In April 2007 we began our new 5 years program in Bolivia. In this new program it is planed to work with the representation’s organisations of coop. (like central, federation and confederation) and the government (true de General direction of cooperatives). So, with those actors and during this first year we planed to evaluate the whole coop. movement in Bolivia to orientate our work for the next 4 years. In this sense we are doing right now a diagnostic of all the coop. of the country. What does that mean? Well, an team of consultant are doing visits to all the coop. in all the department of Bolivia. Myself, I’m visiting all the coop. in the departments of Pando and Beni. Those 2 departments are the 2 regions less developed of Bolivia on the transportation infrastructure. It is also for that reason that those 2 departments have less coop. and population than the other regions of the country. So I went once in Beni to begin the work from March 23rd to 30th (here is the link for the pictures : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=46427&l=03310&id=752741286) and this Tuesday April 8 I’m going to Cobija, Pando, to do the work there and than finish what I began in Beni. I should leave for 15 days.

I really like this work since it put me in relation with the basic organisation, the coop., and that I have the opportunity to chat with the members and the administrators of those organisations. It really changes from my work in La Paz and also gives a chance to visit some places that even the Bolivians don’t use to know!